Summertime and the Beading is easy….

WOW! The Summer Solstice is upon us… I know many of you are experiencing unusually high temperatures and sadly it’s too hot for me to be outside in my garden. But, that makes it easy to get some beading done! πŸ™‚

I have a few courses to tell you about – some Recent Releases and a New Class that I’m still working on. All are outlined below, along with some information about Related Classes and Discounts.

Recent Releases…

As I mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been concentrating on releasing some of my classes to my Teachable school. In January I released Ojo de Luna, which was taught at the last “in-person” Heart of Texas Bead Retreat in Fall 2019. This is a great little pendant that can be made in really summery colors and worn on a leather strap for a casual summer look!

My latest release is Stella Goes Baroque… It was originally offered to Fall 2021 Heart of Texas Bead Retreat enrollees, but now is available to the public. Just in time for those who start beading their Christmas ornaments in the summer!

Related Classes and Discounts…

I have several courses where I teach similar techniques to achieve different projects, i.e., Stella Goes Baroque and Stella Nova are related. I thought it would be nice to reward students who might want to purchase the other course also.

There are a few ways to get discounts:

  1. Check your current course to see if there is a section at the end of the Course Curriculum called Related Classes… The section shown below is taken from Stella Nova:
  • Here’s how it works: If the class you are already enrolled in has a Related Classes… section, you will be given a coupon code (in the lecture) that can be applied for a discount when you purchase the related class. There will also be a link to the related class and information about where to apply the coupon code.

Note! The coupon code can only be used by students enrolled in the class where the Related Class… information is shown. It is not meant to be shared!

  1. NEW enrollees can get a discount on a related class at the time of purchase by checking the box for the related class. Below is from the checkout page for Stella Goes Baroque with an option to also enroll in Stella Nova.

Quick Reminder! All the courses on Teachable are dynamic, which allows additional sections, lectures, comments, and corrections to be added as needed. I suggest that if you are enrolled in a course that you check it occasionally to see if there is a Related Class… section added. It could give you a nice discount if you’re interested in the other course! πŸ™‚

New Class (work in progress)…

Writing about related classes reminded me that I should mention an earring and/or pendant that I’m working on now. It’s called “Flora” and is related to Circle for a Landing. I hope to release it in mid-July. If you are currently enrolled in Circle for a Landing and have opted-in to receive Teachable notices in my school, I will be sending out an email reminder when it happens. If not, check back here or in your Course Curriculum next month. Until then,

Stay cool and Bead on…

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