Don’t be a victim of a Beading Scam!!

Some of you may have seen my Facebook post last week when I thought I had been a victim of copyright infringement …  Many of my listings from my Etsy shop were found on websites that seemed to be offering them for very low prices.  Of course, I was angry, and wanted to get them removed!  After some digging, it seems that my pictures are on these sites (with my name and copyright displayed), but not my products.  And, I found that I wasn’t the only designer to experience this!

Here’s the scam… you can add my patterns to a cart and pay for them with your credit card.  You NEVER get any patterns, but now you’ve given your personal information and credit card number to crooks!!!!  

A good rule of thumb is to only buy from the designers…  Katie Dean (owner of Bead Flowers) has a fabulous post on what to do to protect yourself:   She also has a great list of “Legitimate Beading Pattern Websites” (click on the photo in the Sidebar to go there).  

I have NOT authorized anyone to sell OR teach any of my projects.  So, I hope you will respect my rights to my creative property by purchasing through my Etsy shop, and not sharing my patterns with others.  And, at the same time, protect yourself from a beading scam!

My new name is… “Stella Nova”

A few days after my first post, I noticed several other designers posting projects with the name “Starburst”.   Soooo…. since I haven’t taught this class yet, now is the perfect time to change my design’s name to “Stella Nova”.  And, I like this name better because it means “new star” – a perfect name for it!  Ciao!


The first offering of the class is November 17, 2018 at Sea of Beads, 10:30-5:30 PM.


Holiday Spirit(s) at Halloween…

With Halloween approaching, I find myself thinking about Christmas treats!  I have several projects that I’ve thought about stitching in holiday colors, and I’m so happy to share them with you.  As a special treat, all the Holiday Stars and The Phoenix – Deco for the Holidays are 15% off in my Etsy Shop until after Thanksgiving weekend!

Xmas_PeaceStar_KLDFirst, “Peace for Christmas” is an additional colorway for the Peace Star.  I love the Bead Soup on this one!  A PDF with the bead colors/numbers has been added to the item listing.  Now, when you download, you will get two files.

The next project was the Heart Pagoda.  This pattern is not available yet because it’s sill an active class, but I had fun making a 3-color version in holiday colors.   If you took my class at the Fall 2018 Heart of Texas Bead Retreat, check your email in the next few days for some news on this colorway…



The Phoenix – Deco for the Holidays is also on sale.  This pattern launched the Etsy Shop for me in 2017 and has been going strong.

My sincere thanks to all of you who follow me and support my passion for beading and teaching.

The Holidays are on the way… 

Happy Beading!

Introducing…. “Starburst”

I’m happy to share my latest star design – Starburst!  It is an open structured star stitched in two colors, with embellishment that is worked into the star as it’s assembled.   I liked the look of the 2.8mm drops to accent the points, but will continue to experiment with some other types of beads to see how they look.  The fun part about this star is that you can make it as shiny and bright as you like!  So many possibilities …


The first offering of the class is November 17, 2018 at Sea of Beads, 10:30-5:30 PM.  It’s a full day class because I want students to have a strong understanding of creation, assembly, and embellishment before they leave.

Hope I see you there!

HOT Beading… so much fun!

First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Sally Custer, the one and only organizer for the Heart of Texas Bead Retreats!  Sally, you are the BEST!  It is truly an act of love and we love you for it!

Next, thanks to all of the participants in my Heart Pagoda Add-On Class!  It was wonderful to meet all of you and pass on some new techniques…  I had a great time!  There’s a new page in the Student Gallery for the Heart Pagoda project with a few pictures.  More to come, I hope!  Please send me your finished photos, in email or text.

And last, thanks to all of the fabulous teachers!  Below are my works in progress…

Jean Power:    Heart of Glass Pendant


The “growing crystal” centerpiece is AMAZING!  And, all of us were in awe of the technique for the unique rope.  Jean has a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic teacher…  her wonderful designs leave us begging for the next one!

Amy Katz:   Treasure Bracelet 

Amy Katz

What fun to learn some new techniques!  Amy kept us on our toes as we made the components, with lots of great ideas for making them special.  She is a clever designer who is willing to share her secrets!

 Melanie Potter:  Estruscan Revival Cuff


This beautiful cuff has the most unusual crystal centerpiece!  We all loved Melanie’s technique of protecting it with a faux suede backing.  Those little dimensional rectangles had us drooling as we made them.   And, the individual care Melanie gave us is unsurpassed!


If you didn’t make it to the Heart of Texas Bead Retreat this fall, I strongly suggest you try to make it to one of the 2019 Retreats – June and September.  Make a note to join in the fun, meet new beady friends, and interact with some awesome teachers!