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Happy October!  Where has this year gone?  So many beads, so little time…

As most of you know, I prefer to work on an idea, then draw it up if I decide I want to create a tutorial or pattern.  My latest Star pattern idea actually ended up with two possibilities.

The first is one, I’m calling Arrowhead (for now) because of the southwest coloring and the arrow-like band of squash around it.  But, at the last minute when working on my squares, I changed some colors.  I knew it would change the look!  As a result, I’m not loving the star motif in the center –  will tweak this one some more…


But, it inspired me to create the Blue Frost Star.  This one has an “icy” look to it and the crystal beads are almost see through!  I forgot to take a picture of it before I displayed it at Sea of Beads, so the photo at right is a little hard to see.  I’ll have a better picture soon, since I’m working on the pattern and graphs now.

Happy Beading!

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Welcome to Karen Long Designs


One of my joys as an instructor is seeing students finish a project.  I love witnessing the excitement and sense of accomplishment…  Plus, the wonderful variety of beads used by the students is intoxicating!

Because I like to have interaction with my students, I’m offering the Student Gallery.  Organized by class name, students may opt to have photos of their work published on the site.

The Gallery offers views of my designs, and any that are offered as classes will have a brief description in the Classes section.

My upcoming classes are shown on the Calendar, and also listed in the Upcoming Events.  Currently, I teach my classes at Sea of Beads in Austin TX, and students must register with them.

I also have some of my patterns available for sale through the Shop link.  It will take you to my Square eCommerce site.  Sorry, but this is only available for US customers at this time.

I hope you’ll subscribe to get notification of new posts, and stop by often to see what’s new!

Happy Beading…

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