Circle for a Landing

Circular peyote stitch with a strong graphic pattern is used to create this structural pendant. In the center, a 14mm Rivoli is suspended above it all… “circling for a landing” forever.

It is stitched in a continuous pattern, except for the Rivoli and Bail, which are added at the end. It’s a perfect course for my Teachable school because students can work at their own pace. Every step of the pattern is detailed in the written instructions and videos.

See the Student Gallery for some fabulous color combos!

Online Course in my Teachable school
“Circle for a Landing” Pendant | Karen Long Designs (

In case you’re interested… This pendant was created at the beginning of 2020, and before I could decide the best way to teach it, COVID hit and all physical classes stopped. I used it as the centerpiece for my contribution to the Beaded Square project shown below. There is a video on my Facebook page that can be viewed at this link.