Another Online Course!

My goal for 2021 is to add one online course per month. And I barely made it when I added my “This ‘n That” bracelet yesterday!

I taught this class once before the COVID pandemic hit, and I’ve had requests to provide the tutorial for it since physical classes aren’t being taught.

I was hesitant to simply make the written instructions available because there are a number of decisions that must be made for this project (it’s an advanced class because of that). And, those decisions are easier to discuss in a class.

But, thanks to the Teachable online platform, I can add videos to my course. They help me get those design decisions across to my students. I love the idea that students have lifetime access to my courses… So once they feel proficient to simply follow the written instructions, there are always videos to help in those moments when they get stuck… even if it’s 6 months later!

Plus, the interaction available through the comments in the Discussion after each lecture helps me understand what kinds of issues my students might be having. I can also add addendums, photos, etc. after the course is published, and they will be available to all enrollees.

There are already a few photos in the Student Gallery from the physical class. They are so very inspiring! I hope that many others will join in this beading adventure…

For more information, visit my Teachable Site for the course information. You can see the Course Curriculum and preview the Materials List and an Overview video. As a special Valentine’s gift, the first 25 people who purchase the course receive $4.00 off the price by applying the code BEMINE at checkout.

Practice random acts of kindness… it will make the world a better place!

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