Tapestry Star Pattern is available

The “Tapestry” star grew out of wanting to use certain beads together… I really liked the look of the mandarin orange and royal blue colors, so I made them the focal points.  The beautiful luster of the cream color and a little sparkle with the metallic iris (one of my favorite beads DB0029)  were the final bead choices.   The pattern is available in my Shop now.

TapestryStar_KLDI think this is one of those stars that would look great no matter what bead colors you choose.

The trick to exposing a great graphical pattern in your pieces is to use different tones/finishes of beads.  If all your beads are a luster finish, it will be hard to see the pattern that you take so much time to create.  Also, having a strong contrast between bead colors brings out the details of a pattern.

I tend to use opaque and matte finishes, then compliment with a shiny bead, like the metallic in this one, or a luster finish.

Have fun!  Happy Beading!

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