Warped Squares and New Star Patterns…

After creating two new graphic designs for The Phoenix (see post), I was on a roll!  Making warped squares always starts me dreaming up new patterns for the Stars…  The first one I finished is based on the middle tier of the “Summer Fun” pattern.  It’s named “Summer Links” and is available in my Shop now.


I really liked the effect of changing colors on the herringbone stitch, and thought it would be interesting to see how I could incorporate it into the seams of the star.

The “links” are very obvious because the colors – pink and yellow – are so different.  This star turned out to be a joyful celebration of color and fun!

I’m working on two more designs… will have more info once the stars are finished.

Many people only make the stars around the holidays, but I like to give mine as gifts year round.  They are perfect to celebrate special occasions, like a graduation or promotion!  Last year my niece, Ashley,  graduated with her MBA and my nephew, Ian graduated from high school.  They both got a personal star from me and loved them.  And, a few years ago, my sister, Deb, got a big promotion.  Her special star is on her desk at work.

So pass the love around and  reward your shining stars with their own Star!

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