And the Bead goes on…

International Beading Week has ended and I have to admit I’m a little sad!

In spite of COVID, there was a great sense of community provided by the trustees and members of Beadworkers Guild in the UK. They organized wonderful Drop-In events via Zoom and worked really hard to make this a truly international event… Most days there were two sessions to accommodate time zones around the world! It was fabulous to put faces to names that I’ve seen on Social Media – both designers and beaders. And, to reconnect with old friends.

I attended Drop-Ins for Tassel Making, Peyote Stitch, and Herringbone Stitch… All of them had great conversations, plus show & tell. In case you didn’t know, there are some fabulous beaders out there!

Cate and Chris Venn were Guest Ambassadors this year. I happily attended their lively Drop-In, where we were also introduced to Mo Fisher, Cate’s mother, and a fabulous beader also. Their story is so inspiring! I can’t begin to imagine what they’ve gone through, and I strongly suggest that you read their bio here: 2021 guest ambassadors – The Beadworkers Guild.

The last session I joined was showcasing Nancy Kooyers Jenner’s adorable faeries. She offered a free pattern on the Beadworkers Guild website (New for 2021 – The Beadworkers Guild). It was amazing to see how many faeries were being made!

Mine is guarding my Carolina Wren, designed by Sheila Root.

While I attended the Zoom sessions, I was working on Jean Power’s Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong. This year, I was determined NOT to peek at the finished project… So, I selected my beads following Jean’s recommendations. On Day 1, after beading about 2″ of the rope, I decided that I didn’t like the 8/0 seed bead that I selected! Change #1… no worries, easy to change and remove the part that was beaded.

Day 2… I decided that one of the Delica colors I selected didn’t look very good with the rope colors or with the Main Delica color I had used to bezel my Rivoli (during the preparation work). Thank goodness Jean had suggested that we end the thread after bezeling the Rivoli and attach a new one for the pattern work on Day 2! Change #2... easy to take out the day’s beading and start again with my new color.

Luckily, I was happy with my color selections for the rest of the project. I’m still finishing the rope, but the pendants are done and ready to wear! Jean is a fabulous designer, and the pattern is still available in her shop: | Summer 2021 Secret Beadalong Pattern

My contribution to the festivities…

During the Herringbone Drop-In session, the conversation turned to using different sizes of beads to create curves in Tubular Herringbone Stitch.

I was wearing my 15 Daggers Earrings, and decided to offer a FREE pattern for IBW. Since I’m no longer teaching this class, I thought it would be perfect to post in my Teachable school and offer a few video demos for the trickier parts.

There is now a FREE course, and you can find it in my school at this link: Karen Long Designs ( and also on the Beadworkers Guild website.

The love of beading was renewed in all of us…

2 thoughts on “And the Bead goes on…

  1. Yvonne Baughman

    Your secret pendants look much better than others I’ve seen. And you made a cute fairy. I’ll have to make those for Christmas. A great newsletter. Yvonne



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