Ready… Set… Go…

By this time, most of you have gotten over the holidays, new year’s resolutions, etc. and are back to creating beautiful beadwork.  I’ve been in a design slump for the past few months – feeling pressured to come up with new designs for classes is not the best way for me to get my creative juices flowing!

So, over the holidays, I worked on a few objects by other designers – made a bunch of flat Cellini spiral earrings in Christmas colors for my sisters and friends, and a tree ornament for my Mom (inspired by Beth Clarke and Cath Thomas).  Take a look at the Facebook Group “Cellini Peyote Freaks” for more inspiration and how-tos.



I love making beaded boxes, so I joined Katie Dean’s Christmas Ornaments Beadalong and made two very cute gift boxes for my nieces who have birthdays in December.  The clever “ribbon” comes off and the box opens – just big enough for a small pendant or earrings.  They were great fun to make and the instructions were superb!     BTW, you can still join…

Working on the blue box shown above helped to get the creative juices flowing as I designed my own graphic pattern for it.

So far, January has been filled with lots of beading… making samples for upcoming classes and documenting steps for handouts.  More of that to come in future posts…  I resolve to blog more in 2020!

1… 2… 3… GO!

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