Valentine’s Day is on the way…

You might have wondered what I’ve been up to in January, since I haven’t posted in 2019 yet!  Well, I’ve been busy designing some new items for Valentine’s Day.

First, the “3 of Hearts” pendant class… The first class offering was Sunday,3hearts_small January 27th, and it was a full class!

Students had a great time working the peyote stitch and learning how to add a slide tube to peyote work.  This is a fun little pendant to make AND wear!  I hated to leave mine at the bead store as a display for the class.

If you missed the first class, another is on the schedule for Feb 9th.  But, it is almost full too!  If you’re interested, here’s the link to the class on the Sea of Beads website:   It contains the materials list and the phone number you need to call to register.

I think this would be a nice Mother’s Day gift too, so look for this class again in April.

I’ve designed two peyote stitch bracelets – one in Even Count and one in Odd Count.   I don’t usually share my peyote bracelet patterns because I like to use graphic patterns and they are sometimes hard to size.  But, I’ve tried a different approach with these two patterns.  Both patterns are available in my Etsy Shop, and on sale until the end of February!


“Two Hearts” is the odd count bracelet and one of my favorites!  I provide enough rows in the graph and the word chart for about 3.6″ of length, then direct you where to begin again to repeat the pattern.  I think this will allow easier sizing.  The pattern is compact, so it’s easy to end at the length you need without distorting the pattern.

Also, with it being odd count peyote, you have more versatility with the clasp.  You can attach as shown in the picture, or decrease to a point to add a toggle or magnetic clasp.  Or, stitch a band of 1mm leather around it… lots of possibilities!

wovenhearts_kld“Woven Hearts” is the even count bracelet.  I found this bracelet hard to size because the pattern was more “open”.  So, I tried a new approach… bead from the center to each end.  I think it works great!

You work one half, turn your work, and using the tail thread, work the other half.  This allows you to add rows to both sides to get the right size for your wrist while maintaining the consistency of the pattern.  The pattern give detailed instructions on how to do this.  And, I like the symmetry at the clasp by beading it this way.  I’d love to hear any feedback after you try it.


The last contribution to the Valentine’s Day theme are the “Winged Hearts” earrings. They were originally designed for the Fall 2018 Heart of Texas Bead Retreat.

They are fun, quick, little earrings to make and I’ve seen them in a multitude of colors.  A great way to use up your stash of seed beads…  I think pink beads with silver accents would be really cute!  The tutorial is now available in the Etsy Shop.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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