Don’t be a victim of a Beading Scam!!

Some of you may have seen my Facebook post last week when I thought I had been a victim of copyright infringement …  Many of my listings from my Etsy shop were found on websites that seemed to be offering them for very low prices.  Of course, I was angry, and wanted to get them removed!  After some digging, it seems that my pictures are on these sites (with my name and copyright displayed), but not my products.  And, I found that I wasn’t the only designer to experience this!

Here’s the scam… you can add my patterns to a cart and pay for them with your credit card.  You NEVER get any patterns, but now you’ve given your personal information and credit card number to crooks!!!!  

A good rule of thumb is to only buy from the designers…  Katie Dean (owner of Bead Flowers) has a fabulous post on what to do to protect yourself:   She also has a great list of “Legitimate Beading Pattern Websites” (click on the photo in the Sidebar to go there).  

I have NOT authorized anyone to sell OR teach any of my projects.  So, I hope you will respect my rights to my creative property by purchasing through my Etsy shop, and not sharing my patterns with others.  And, at the same time, protect yourself from a beading scam!

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