Introducing…. “Starburst”

I’m happy to share my latest star design – Starburst!  It is an open structured star stitched in two colors, with embellishment that is worked into the star as it’s assembled.   I liked the look of the 2.8mm drops to accent the points, but will continue to experiment with some other types of beads to see how they look.  The fun part about this star is that you can make it as shiny and bright as you like!  So many possibilities …


The first offering of the class is November 17, 2018 at Sea of Beads, 10:30-5:30 PM.  It’s a full day class because I want students to have a strong understanding of creation, assembly, and embellishment before they leave.

Hope I see you there!

2 thoughts on “Introducing…. “Starburst”

  1. alice johnson

    Lovely design. We will be in Austin October 26 til November 4.Any chance of getting the pattern? Also is the pagoda pendant available?
    Thanks and hop to be able to see you.
    Alice Johnson

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